Central Polution Control Board
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1Union Territory of Daman, Dadar & Nagar Haveli (Abridged)100.00  23.39 KB
2Basin Sub Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - The Ganga Basin Part One : The Yamuna sub - basin100.00  23.95 KB
3Scheme of Zoning and Classification of Indian Rivers Estuaries and Coastal water (Pt. 1 Sweet Water)40.00  21.44 KB
4Comprehensive Pollution Survey and Studies Ganga River Basin in West Bengal (June 1980-Dec. 1981)200.00  22.28 KB
5Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu (Ditt. Goa) Abridged50.00  18.93 KB
6Ganga Basin Report ( Part-II Entire Ganga Basin)500.00  26.01 KB
7Water Pollution From Mass-Bathing : Case Studies Ganga100.00  22.70 KB
8Ionic Balance of Water Quality at Uttarakhand Ganga - Farming Tributaries.40.00  28.46 KB
9Quality and Trend of river Yamuna (1977-82)50.00  22.89 KB
10Basin Sub Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - The Brahamputra Basin Part -I : The Dilli Dosang Sub-Basin25.00  47.58 KB
11Water Pollution from mass Bathing in Ganga River During Kumbha Mela20.00  43.67 KB
12Effect of mass Bathing on Water Quality of Brahma Sarovar (Kuruksheshetra) During Solar Eclipse50.00  47.34 KB
13Basin Sub-Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - Brahmini Baitarani Basin250.00 -
14Water Quality Atlas of India1000.00 -
15Basin Sub -Basin Inventory of water quality - Narmada Basin250.00  17.38 KB
16Basin Sub Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - Cauvery Basin Report250.00  9.38 KB
17Basin Sub Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - Godaveri Basin270.00  11.61 KB
18Basin Sub Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - Mahi Basin175.00 -
19Automatic Water Quality Monitoring of River Ganga - 1992-95125.00  36.18 KB
20Water Quality Assessment During Solar Eclipse Mass Bathing of Brahm Sarovar, Kurukshetra (Haryana)90.00  47.34 KB
21Basin Sub - Basin Inventory of Water Pollution - The Pennar Basin150.00  37.60 KB
22Pollution Asseessment of river Kosi150.00  116.48 KB
23Water Quality Status of Lakes and reservoirs in Delhi150.00  17.42 KB
24Water Quality Assessment of Surface Water Bodies in & Around Singrauli (U.P.)785.00 -
25Environmental Study During Kumbh-2001 at Prayag ( Allahabad)600.00  50.61 KB
26Bio-Monitoring Of Wetlands In Kashmir Valley300.00  27.14 KB
27Pollution status of River Ghaggar-  5.31 MB