Central Polution Control Board
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1Measurements of Mercury of Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Technique25.00  16.75 KB
2Lindane Analysis by Gas Chromatogarphic Technique25.00 -
3APAC-MIBK-NITRIC Acid Extraction System for the Determination Spectrometer25.00 -
4Validity of BOD Determination at Higher Temprature as Against standard Condition of 20 o C for 5 days170.00 -
5Report of the National Committee on Waste Water Quality Monitoring Instruments85.00 -
6Specifications for Sophisticated Analytical Instruments/Systems45.00  52.59 KB
7Specifications for Instruments/Equipments Required for Biomonitoring of Inland Surface Wasters45.00  18.14 KB
8International Directory of Suppliers and Dealers of Standard reference Materials For Measurement of Metals and Organics85.00  32.18 KB
9Guidelines for Establishment Evaluation and Gradation of Environmental Laboratories60.00 -
10Dimensionless Toxicity Factor - An Approach to Toxicity Tessting for Regulatory Purpose60.00 -
11Testing and Validation of BODSEED ( A Microbial Mixture) and Alternative to Conventional Sewafe Seed in BOD Determination60.00  45.08 KB
12Second Nation Workshop on development and Use of environmental references Materials - DUREM -2100.00 -
13Application of artificial Substratum for Bio-Assessment of Water Bodies50.00  45.02 KB
14Absorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) : An Introduction85.00 -
15Procedding Second Nation Workshop on Development and Use of Reference Materials100.00  154.28 KB
16Manual on Smapling, Analysis and Characterisation of Hazardous Wastes200.00  66.83 KB
17Bio-Medical Waste Management ( Case Study NCT-Delhi )250.00  35.79 KB
18Guidelines For Evaluation And Recognition Of Environmental Laboratories (Revised & Updated Version)200.00  36.33 KB
19Studies on Bio-Methanation for Municipal Wastewater of Some Towns in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab325.00  19.69 KB