Central Polution Control Board

Information Manual on Pollution Abatement and Cleaner Technologies Series (IMPACTS)

S No.TitlePriceDownload
1Bio-Technologies for Treatment of Wastes125.00  87.22 KB
2Biological Treatment of Textile Mill Effluent - A Case Study100.00  87.91 KB
3Technology Development and Control of Pollution in Caustic Soda Industry- -
4Enzymatic Removal of Phenol From Raw Drinking Water By Unsing Peroxidase Enzymes-  107.55 KB
5Treatability Study of DDT Industry Water Water - A Case Study350.00  110.87 KB
6A Report on Sources of Arsenic and its Control in west Bengal-  109.30 KB
7Biodegradability Study for Industrail Effluent in Aerobic Environment by using BODSEED and Activated Sludge75.00  88.06 KB
8Cleaner Technology Brainstorming Sessions450.00  101.83 KB
9Guidelines for Duckweed Based Wastewater Treatmet Systems30.00  162.97 KB
10Standards for Water and Air Pollution Control in Some Countries-  104.34 KB
11Cleaner Technologies - Issue and Options10.00  126.34 KB
12Manual on Hospital Waste Management75.00  4.48 MB